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June 18, 2020
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June 29, 2020

Why All The Changes?

So this is a quick blog post to remind myself and everyone who follows me on every platform why there are soo many changes all of a sudden.


Let me make this simple. I am a Father, an Entrepeneur, A YouTuber, A Blogger and I Run an Amazon Automation Business of which there are the highest stakes among all my business activities. I also Plan on building a $20,000,000 Business with potential partners, and the manner in which I execute on all my previous business activities will not allow me to accomplish the goals that I have and the business commitments that I have so this is the beginning of all the changes to fix this big ball of unorganized business mess that I have built.


It is time to fix all of it.

What do I mean by fix all of it? I can go on about all the personal stuff I have been fixing and continuing to try to become better but I have not crossed enough bridges where I think that you readers can learn from that side of things but what I am starting to fix is my Amazon Automation Business.


Building the Amazon Automation Business has been a 2 years Journey and I now have all the pieces to create solid results for all my clients BUT the manner in which the business was built was not strong.


I have put all current Amazon Automation Accounts on Vacation mode, and I will be meeting with each client 1 by 1 as we re-onboard their accounts. The clients who are waiting to be onboarded will be in that process as well. I will be sending out a calendar to ALL current clients and clients that need to be onboarded so that we can have one 1 on 1 Zoom call and Onboarding process. I have noticed that much more detail needs to be done with onboarding each account and when I get on the call with each client and potential client you guys will understand.

The bottom line is, I lost the reason I became successful in the first place. #RESULTSFIRST

Marc Augustine

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