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June 7, 2019
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[What to Sell] My Top Ten Selling Items That I Drop Ship on eBay with $500,000 in Sales

These are my top ten selling items on eBay Drop Shipping store over the past two years.

With drop shipping, one of the biggest challenges can be figuring out what to sell. Many new drop shippers will sell seasonal items as they can make you money quickly and can keep you motivated and inspired.

But seasonal items don’t last year-round and so you want to find items that will consistently make money for you and your drop shipping store.

These are my top ten selling items over the past two years in no specific order:

  1. A Vacuum, with over 200 sales
  2. A Rolling Toolbox (used by mechanics and tradesmen), over 200 sales
  3. A Coffee Table, over 200 sales
  4. Cookware Set, over 200 sales
  5. Folding Table, over 400 sales
  6. A Baby Seat, over 200 sales
  7. A TV Stand, over 600 sales
  8. Men’s Mountain Bike, over 200 sales
  9. Bedside Table (available in 3 colors), over 600 sales in just one color
  10. A Metal Shelfing Unit for Garage, over 1,000 sales

The thing that all of these items have in common is that they are not seasonal. Again, seasonal items can you make you money quickly and boost your motivation, but if you want to do with eBay SEO ranking overall, you need items that sell consistently.

The reason is that eBay SEO ranking is based on two factors. One is the last time an item sold or the most recent sales. The other is the frequency of the sale of the item, or how many times an item has sold, they obviously seasonal items won’t rank as well as year-round items with these SEO ranking factors.

Something else to keep in mind for your drop shipping store is the price point. My top ten selling items in drop shipping on eBay store range from as low as $40 to as high as $160 so nothing is really a very expensive price point. This can help keep your sales up because you are likely to sell more items at a more reasonable rate as opposed to fewer high priced items.

For more information deciding which items to sell in your drop shipping eBay store, check out DSGenie and my YouTube channel No BS Drop Shipping. Subscribe, watch the videos, share the videos, make that money, travel the world!

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