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June 10, 2019

What The Drop Shipping Gurus Will Not Tell You

There’s a lot of people out there, who have made their money selling items in their own shops on E-commerce and Shopify, and are now selling courses about how to do just that. Here is the real deal on these courses and what they are and are not telling you.

Back in the day, a few years ago, when it was very cheap to use Facebook advertising to drive traffic to your store on either E-commerce or Shopify, generating sales was easy and this idea of making money was simple.

The cost of using Facebook ads to drive traffic to your online store has increased over the past two. As competition in this marketplace has also increased it has become more difficult to make as much money with your online stores and the increased popularity of Amazon has also changed the name of the game. That being said, it is still possible to make money through Drop Shipping, but a lot of the guys who made their money in the past are now selling courses about how to make money, rather than make their money from their own shops.

As the cost of driving traffic to your stores has gone up, these guys are now making money by driving traffic to their courses about making money.

It’s simply a matter of redirecting the flow of internet traffic and selling knowledge as opposed to selling a product. And it’s easy to see why, because they have a 100% profit margin with these courses. Yes, they have had to put in the time to make the course itself, but once it’s made, there is only profit to be made by selling the course.

The difference between these guys selling you these courses about how to make money, and what we are doing here at DSGenie and with our YouTube channel, No BS Drop Shipping, is that we are not making you pay for this information and we are giving you ALL the information that we know.

DSGenie isn’t a charity, and yes, we are making money off this software, but we are also using the information that we have learned to drive more traffic to our YouTube channel, which benefits everyone. We get the traffic, you get the information, and everyone can make money off Drop Shipping.

I make money off selling the software and also make money from eBay Drop Shipping. I make money by telling the truth, by sharing the information that these Drop Shipping Gurus don’t want to tell you. I have personally spent thousands of dollars buying online courses about how to make money. I have sold eBooks, worked with wealthy affiliates, done DS Domination, done the Drop Shipping Life Style course and I will continue to pay for these courses, and here’s why.

I do not expect to get anything out of the courses, but if I do, I share that information with you on my YouTube channel for free. I get a lot of shit for doing this, but by driving more traffic to my sites and helping you enter into the game of Drop Shipping, it’s helping everyone make money off this while this possibility exists.

People always want to buy into the idea of making money which is why so many people are selling these courses. And there is knowledge to be gained from these courses, but it is possible to learn everything you need to know about Drop Shipping without paying for these courses.

Subscribe to No BS Drop Shipping watch the videos, use DSGenie software and make your money, but know that these gurus who are selling you the truth are not telling you the whole truth.

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