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June 20, 2020
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July 6, 2020

What is NO BS Dropshipping?

No BS Dropshipping is a YouTube channel that I have created, with my team and my new host Jeremiah Kizai, who has been dropshipping for 2 years and he will be sharing everything we know and continue to learn about dropshipping with you on this YouTube Channel.

I have personally made videos on that channel for 4 years and I personally have almost 1500 videos on NO BS Dropshipping YouTube Channel. The good thing about that is that you can build a “Personal Brand” on a YouTube channel and monetize it great but there is a flip side to it. Building a solid YouTube channel and Personal Brand takes a lot of time, money, and energy and this has taken away from the time and energy that would be better spent building my Amazon Dropshipping Businesses and Entrepreneur Zone (My $20,000,000 Business to be). Many of you reading this may consider Building a YouTube Channel and personal brand and there is nothing wrong with doing that. I Did. But you can also build it as a Business where you, the owner of the business is not the Personal Brand and this is what I am going to do with NO BS Dropshipping.


Looking as My YouTube Channel as an Asset

As I go through this transition of making “ok money” to trying to build a multi-million dollar business, I have built a friendship with this dude Kfir. I won’t go into how and why just yet but he is the CEO of DSM TOOL. In our conversations about our businesses and what we do on a daily basis, he mentioned a couple times about the “Assets” we have and they consisted of NO BS Dropshipping YouTube channel and Instagram account. Although I “knew” they were assets, I never made the conscious decision to look at them that way. Many of the decisions I made in the past with the YouTube channel was tied up in my own “ego” and so on and not just looking at it as the asset that it is. If I did look at it that way, I would respect it in a different way…..At least that’s what I think… With this new way of looking at this, this is why I am taking the time to define it on my blog.

What is NO BS Dropshipping?

NO BS Dropshipping is the one place on the internet to get the most open and entertaining education about the topic of Dropshipping without focusing on the nonsense and the over hype that most other content creators in the space focus on. On the NO BS Dropshipping Channel you could expect to be thoroughly educated on the topic of dropshipping and it’s appropriate for people of all ages. In order to accomplish this, I have decided to use of the guys that have worked alongside me and continue to work alongside me to put in the time to create the content in a professional manner so that more people can know what dropshipping is; take advantage of this opportunities that dropshipping brings. We will put in time planning, researching, and producing high-quality videos for the public to learn from.

This is just a brief blog more for myself and some of my employees but I will go into more detail in the future on what it takes to get this done.

Marc Augustine

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