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Building a $20,000,000 Business
June 7, 2020
My Message to “Wesley Million Dollar Virgin”
June 18, 2020

Building A $20,000,000 | Step 1 | Fixing and Systemizing My Amazon Automation Business

So the first part of building a $20,000,000 business is by learning from and fixing the mistakes that I made in my passed business endeavors that’s where we will start..

My Amazon Automation Business

So I have run many businesses in the last 9 years. Anything from A Couple Bars, to a Software company and then an Amazon Automation Business. This Amazon Automation Business is the last business I have run and I have learned a lot. Learning A LOT in the world of Entrepreneurship means that I FUCKED UP a WHOLE LOT. Now… Ths purpose of this blog is not to go through all the fuck ups and how I dealt with them, but more go over the mistakes and the solutions for the mistakes.

Mistake Number 1 – Misunderstanding a Service-Based Business

Amazon Automation is Marketed as an opportunity for Passive income but what no one ever talks about is the complexities of running a service-based business, when the service that you are selling should be standardized. So I got into this business model, without going into detail on the costs of running it, the potential upside and the day-to-day requirements that are necessary to produce a solid service for the customer that is expecting Passive Income. The last two years were an Amazing Disaster that forced me to see all the challenges and come up with solutions for each one. This is the start of me systemizing the Amazon Automation Business to produce a profitable structure for Myself, My Employees, and My Customers.

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