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April 8, 2020
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June 17, 2020

Building a $20,000,000 Business

So I plan to Build a $20,000,000 Business with my partner Darius and I will be documenting the journey here on my blog.

What’s Needed to Build a $20,000,000 Business.

From my years of experience as an Entrepreneur, building a $20,000,000 business is stupid as fuck… What I mean to say is, building a business with the goal to be worth $20,000,000 is hard or simply impossible if that’s the goal…. $20,000,000….. The goal should be, to build a business that serves a need, and solves a specific problem for enough people. Once you create an amazing solution to a problem for enough people, it is possible to scale this business to….let’s say $20,000,000.

So if you happened to be a person that wants to build a business that is worth tens of millions of dollars, starting with the money in mind should only dictate the size of the market that you go into but it should not dictate your daily actions. And I know that this is some like, typical cliche sounding bullshit but in order to build an Asset that is worth as much as $20,000,000, or whatever the number is, time, hard work, sacrifice, money, and innovation needs to be invested into that asset, on a consistent basis, for a long fucking time and then it will eventually be worth something ($20,000,000)

So What the Fuck Business Can be Worth $20,000,000?

Darius and I have found a problem that we aim to solve for thousands of people. The problem we are trying to solve is the “lack of practical entrepreneurship education for modern society”. Even as I write this blog I find the problem that I have defined, a bit too broad but as of now, this is the actual problem that Darius and I are trying to solve by creating

So this is just the beginning of this long story. We happen to be delusional enough to think that we can build a platform to provide “practical entrepreneurship education” for the masses and after a few years, this business that solves this problem should eventually be worth at least $20,000,000.

This series on my blog will document in more detail what the problem is. The practical aspects and journey behind the building a business of such worth. It is not something that any of the people involved has done before, but this is the nature of entrepreneurship. We start on a journey to achieve a goal that we never did before. Writing it out sounds fucking insane and pretty stupid. But it is the path that we have chosen.

Wish us luck. WE WILL NEED IT.

Marc Augustine

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