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I Teach People to Drop Ship on eBay with

The most complete training on the internet: DropshipTraining

Useful knowledge

We have developed the most complete training about Drop Shipping on eBay, Amazon and Shopify with monthly updates

A Co-working and Co-living experience at The Drop Ship House

A big Drop Shipping community

Gathering the best of the Drop Shipping world in Nicaragua to share and learn the best strategies to take your business to the next level

DSGenie making your Drop Shipping business easier

Drop Shipping software for you

We built a software that help you make money online with Drop Shipping easier than ever before.

My Inner Circle

An intensive Drop Shipping Program

Built on the tactics and strategies that I have been applied after almost 10 years of successful Drop Shipping on eBay.


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Training Videos

Find FREE Drop Shipping content on my YouTube channel.

I created this channel to help you guys make money dropshipping without adding any bullshit. I hope you like it.

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